Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goat Barning???

The Goats

Leveling the Garden in Preparation for Goat Barn - May

Setting the Poles for Framework -May
Size is 24x36

The Shell is up, Now the steel - August
In the rafters - Notice the storage area for hay.
Better not tell the grandsons about hay lofts, and the birds and bees.

The Start of the Steel - August

Doing the Last of the Steel - September

As a favor to my son and his wife, and being a nice pa, I became a goat barn builder in western Minnesota - all the while working my regular gig in Southwestern, MN. We started planning this project in March and finally started in May, due to rain delays and a wet spring.The barn took a lot longer than anticipated, and the working schedule was predominately Saturdays. Other sons came out to assist in the barn building, and were quickly halted when it was figured out that the estimator that had estimated the project, made some rookie estimator errors. We encountered his errors all the way through the project, beams too short, not enough material, 1 roof truss short, shortages in steel, etc, that impacted the time line and drug the project out. (I am an estimator also, and choose not to do the material takeoff as I worked for the company supplying the material - Figuring it would be a conflict of interest working for the company and supplying and doing the material takeoff also. I should have done the takeoff!)
It is now October, and we are almost done. We have corners to install, and some steel on the roof to finish up that we now have. The next step is to install some lights and call it a year on goat barn building. A lot of work and room for 2 Goats?

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